Sunday, 25 July 2010

Just The Way You Look Tonight

"The way you look tonight"
... and other such romances
tumble out of his mouth
into your heart,
And as you drain that tumbler
of courage thats a tad too sharp
Your eyes read his
"You. You are mine tonight."
Tonight being the operative of the unscribed sentence
Because come that morning wrinkled nose
and squint of the eye
You realise
with a shrug off of his actions
You are still not his mine.
And again.
You fall for that block in your path,
The aura that stops you
from acting like you know you really, really ought to
and you can see it in the friends hesitant smiles
that none of you are acting wise,
neither participants
nor spectators.
But there he is again
On your doorstep
of your rationality
ringing your bell
of your insanity
And you always answer
To that smile
To that line
"The way you look tonight"
Because he's loving you in the old romance
That you've been taught to seek
By our dear Mr Disney
Oh, dear Mr Walt,
With you I have to lay the fault
It was just plain unkind
To condition our young minds
To expect such impossibilities
To evoke us into showing each other the lights of our cities
And other such romances
"The way you look tonight"
We've got it all wrong,
You're all messed up,
Shook up,
In a blender of emotions
but there is nothing healthy about this smoothie
Just another smooth talker
Just another look in his eye
Just another line
"The way you look tonight"
Just another time that he blurs the line between life and fantasy
Just another romance.
But it all means nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
Because you are
You are just anyone
In his arms.
A mannequin of pure physicality
You are being deluded and confused
Changing this whole ordeal
of an ideal
into HEADLINE news.
Because to you it is.
This infactuation you just can't quit.
But you're barely a fragment in his head
Just a hot water bottle of a body in his bed.
So it doesn't matter what look is in his eye tonight
They'll be vacant again under that harsh morning light.
Oh love,
It was,
It is,
And always will be,
Just the way
You look