Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Now Wash Your Hands...

(inspired by the sign I saw on the back of the loo door in the covered market that said "now wash your hands" I just found it slightly amusing that we still needed to be told what to do. mixed with some of the eyes i've witnessed led to this...)

Now wash your hands...
Of him.
Because if the eyes show the strength of the soul
He's dying
When was it you started lying?
Did any of it
mean anything?
Fuck, it was me.
I. I wasn't enough.
And what up bruv?
Doesn't need to be said
We all know what's going on in his head.
An accidental arrogance accumulates
As he lies
Every day and every night
In that memorial bed.
Because we're not talking about just anyone
We're talking about us
We took the height of love
And raised the bar the fuck right up.
But honestly love,
You need to wash your hands,
Wash away the stench of your shared stale skin
So the overanalysation stops
And the burning can begin.
Because right now every chapter
That truly mattered
Is you.
All you.
His brain is suffering under depression
The skull acting as a compression
Causing an oppression
of the pointless conversations
That swim around him on the outside,
But he can't hide
He's slapped and slap bang in the middle
Far removed in social situations,
Everything in this life a mere obligation.
So give him back to us,
His life around you we can't trust.
Gotta stop giving in to your boredom
borderline lust.
Can't help the hope inspired by each and every one of your glance,
His brain is working overtime
Turning you into an untouchable mirage
So reason won't listen
So you better wash your hands.
He's not going to realise
Until you sanitise
That you are just friends
He needs those irritants of time and space
To recompose the components of your face
For your actions to be militant
Cutting him off with a harsh vigilance.
And though his eyes are blank
They speak more than a million words ever could
Because this is an emotion that existed before vocalisation,
Time, and even the whole of creation
What sparked our existence.
We get that you care, and that's why you're hesitant
But he'll come back to you some day,
But right now, can't you see
You really shouldn't stay.