Wednesday, 29 September 2010

And You... (finally)

About a million years ago now I came up with the idea for this little book called 'And You' where I was going to leave little notes everywhere, all starting with the phrase 'and you' because I found it fascinating how people who would one day end up spending their lives together are presnetly living completely separate lives, unaware of the other's existence... which lead me to think about how you might have walked right past them in the street, that if they met now then it might now work out because they're not who they are going to be yet... lalalalla

I have finally left one somewhere! Having typed up lots already, this is a very minor achievement, as I've had plenty of opportunities to leave more, but have been to lazy to make sure I have both one of the slips of paper on me and some form of camera. But nevertheless here we are, this one I left in La Tacheles (a wicked art gallery/place for people to graffiti in Berlin), here are the photos:

And this is the first finished page of the book:

It probably would have made more sense to do the first page first as this might not make any sense to any of you, but now I've started I'll do some more asap and hopefully you'll be able to follow my train of thought better

thats all for now x