Friday, 16 April 2010

You might want some colgate with that...

I am actually going to sort my life out and put into action a plan thats been brewing for far too long...

A plan that goes a little something like this:

Basically, I find it weird to think about how you could have encountered people who you later become close with, but just don't realise that you've technically met/seen each other before. Like, you could've walked past them in the street, sat on the same seat on the bus... etc. This thought led to me thinking about how the person you are going to marry/spend your life with (if you happen to be so lucky) is quite happily living their life without you in it, dating someone else, perhaps thinking that they have found the one... when they haven't. Because that one is you. And how your paths could have crossed but you just never realised...

This is where my plan comes in. I'm going to make a load of little notes that all start with 'And you...'

e.g. 'And you might have stuck your gum right next to mine'

...I am then going to leave these all over the place for people to find, take photos and make a little scrap book called 'And You'.

This was inspired by Rob Ryan's book of paper cuttings called 'This is for you' an absolutely beautiful book.

I am very aware that this is sickeningly cutesy and sweet and eurgh, but just go brush your teeth afterwards yeah?

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  1. josie. this is a lovely. lovely idea. you should probably do art. love you/