Thursday, 11 November 2010

Some Golden Oldies

Oh No

I tripped and fell into boiling water
when I got locked on your face,
with stumbling words and dirty cheeks
I unwillingly joined the race.
My courage has deserted,
along with the wit,
run off like the plate and spoon
so i feel and sound like shit.
Shit and wank and fuck and crap
uneloquent uneasy ungraceful,
bumbling lumpy awkward desperate
this is sickeningly unbearable.
laughing too much, too loud, too hard
or you to notice me,
but half doesn't really want you to
feeling obese, obscene and green.
Changed utterly into this
who is she and her and them?
when i look at you
are you in turn looking at that supposed friend?
And I wish I never saw your face,
or that I was the girl you wish you knew,
because I could have been beautiful,
until I fell for you.



what did you do that for?
Another, on mass, unprovoked war.
I don't have a problem with you,
do you with me?
How can you,
I don't believe we've met,
here lets shake hands,
slap on the back,
see you and me,
we can be alright.
So, what are you doing that for?
Here, hands up,
to your self-afflicted supreme power I give up.
Honestly, I don't know, boys and their toys ey?
If you really, really want me,
come and get me!
Like 1066 stylee,
see the fear in my eyes,
the child's, the grandparent's, the blissful bride,
see if you could do it then
you had to witness life evaporate,
kill me with your hands,
be a man.
Bullets just distance
so no compulsion for penance,
fly higher than the kids kites
so you can get sleep at night,
we're mere ants up there,
easier to not care
about the bodies and souls
you've just teared.
No bomb.
No Pow.
How many could you kill now?


1 comment:

  1. i like 'If you really, really want me,
    come and get me!
    Like 1066 stylee'

    awesome stuff josie :)