Thursday, 10 February 2011

The New Year... a celebration for all... apart from christmas trees.

Upon taking my dog for a walk one cold evening in early January I came across a rather dismal sight. The next morning was to be rubbish day, so of course everyone left their bins out, but the sight became rather comically upsetting as next to each bin there was a Christmas tree; all bare and naked, with all their lights gone and decorations packed up. They looked so cold, unwanted and ashamed. So of course I had to do something about it. I took some footage of all the trees I could find, and the more I discovered the more I realised they had a certain character about them, with some left in front gardens to look through the window at the warmth and happiness inside... they looked like they'd been rejected by those who had once loved them and made them look and feel beautiful.

So obviously I found a story in all of this. But this time I made a short film. My first ever, as I'm not very good with all this technology malarkey.

And I realised that the christmas trees' emotions (yes I'm personifying them) at this time of year is very much like being dumped/rejected by someone, as when someone likes you they make you feel beautiful, but when they don't anymore you feel rubbish, left out, you remember all the good times, and just generally life is crap and you can't believe it will ever be good again. ANYWAY I'll stop there, as it's all in the film.

And here it is.


featuring very lovely music by alex kozobolis and opaque nature:

listen and love them.


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